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Ventus Australis

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See the rooms and experience the comfort of each cabin type.

Public areas

Go over the inside of the halls and the Patagonia dining room.

he name – Latin for "Southern Wind" – reflects Tierra del Fuego's distinctive weather, a factor that has long determined the region's socio-cultural development and that so impressed the early mariners who endeavored to explore Patagonia's southernmost waterways.

Tailor-made for exploring the remote southern tip of South America, all aspects of the 210-passenger ship -- including size, length, draft and engine power -- are designed to give Ventus Australis the extreme maneuverability necessary to navigate narrow fjords and channels where no other cruise ships can venture.

Asenav, the internationally acclaimed Chilean shipyard, is creating our latest masterpiece, just as they did with the three other expedition ships for Australis.

Ventus Australis will feature the latest regulations regarding safety at sea and protecting the marine environment, as all of our fleet does.


  • Launching season: 2017-2018
  • First Departure:January 2nd, 2018
  • Passenger Capacity: 210
  • Total Cabins: 100




Ventus Australis

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