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Before you board

Australis navigates in both Chilean and Argentinian waters and their land. At the time of your voyage, make sure you are up-to-date with all necessary documentation according to your country of origin.


Entry Visas

The visa and/or passport requirements vary according to the country of origin of each passenger. Before your trip, we recommend that you verify your information with the consulates of Chile and Argentina in your country of origin. Keep in mind that each person is responsible for bringing the necessary documents to enter Chile and Argentina.

In this link you will find the requirements to enter Argentina according to your country of origin. When doing the search, be sure and consider the nationality of the passport you are traveling with.

In this link you will find the requirements to enter Chile according to your country of origin. When doing the search, be sure and consider the nationality of the passport you are traveling with.

Reciprocity fees

To enter Chilean territory, Australian citizens who board with Australis must have paid the Reciprocity Rate before boarding. This payment is only made if you enter Chile through the International Airport Aeropuerto Internacional Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez in the city of Santiago. In case the entry to the country is made by a point other than the Santiago airport, this payment is not required.

Countries visited on our routes

All Australis navigation routes disembark in Chilean and Argentinian territories.

Minor Argentinians and Chileans leaving their country

Underage Argentinians and Chileans who leave their country without one of their parents must carry a notarized permit authorizing it. In case of traveling with both parents they should bring the family notebook. Passengers of other nationalities should have similar permits according to their own country's standards.


Check-in is between 10:00 hrs. (10 AM) and 17:00 hrs. (5 PM) at 409 San Martín Street in downtown Ushuaia.
Board starts at 18:00 hrs. (6 PM)
Departure is at 20:00 hrs. (8 PM)
Passengers must be on board at least one hour before the departure.



Check-in is between 13:00 hrs. (1 PM) and 17:00 hrs. (5 PM) at Av. Costanera del Estrecho 1398 (at Prat Port), on the Punta Arenas waterfront. Boarding starts at 18:00 hrs. (6 PM). Departure is at 20:00 hrs. (8 PM).


In order for your voyage on our adventure cruise ship to be as comfortable as possible, we recommend warm, waterproof sports clothing for both women and men. During summer nights and even sometimes during the day, Patagonia can get cold and wet. so be sure to pack sweaters, jackets, pants and rain garments. For exploring and walking during shore excursions, gloves and a pair of firm trekking or hiking boots are suitable for Patagonia.



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When to visit Patagonia: Weather for each Season

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