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Wulaia Bay

A historical site which was one of the largest settlements of the original canoeing inhabitants of the region, the Yamana. Charles Darwin went ashore in this place on January 23rd, 1833 during his voyage onboard the HMS Beagle. Wulaia Bay travel also offers a visual spectacle of great beauty because of its vegetation and geography. We arrive to a lookout point, walking through the Magellanic forest, where native trees such as lengas, coigües, canelos, and ferns, among other species, grow.



Unmissable Chile Vacation Packages in Magallanes Region

Comprising the very southern stretch of Chilean Patagonia, the Magallanes Region is an area of outstanding natural beauty and contains some of the most fragile habitats in the world. Visit this dazzling landscape of evergreen rainforest, shimmering fjords and towering mountains on Chile vacation packages and discover some of the...

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