One of the most spectacular spots in Patagonia, Ainsworth Bay is a lengthy fjord surrounded by pristine sub-polar forest and crowned by Marinelli Glacier, which flows down from the Darwin Ice Field. Protected within the confines of Alberto de Agostini National Park, the bay provides a habitat for southern elephant seals and many different bird species. Trails lead to streams and waterfalls, moss-covered rock faces, peat bogs, beaver habitats and along the crest of a glacial moraine.


Ainsworth Bay

With the first light of dawn, you will sail through the Almirantazgo bosom until you reach the vicinity of the Marinelli glacier in Ainsworth Bay. We will learn how life resurfaces after the retreat of the ice. We will take a walk to discover a beaver dam and the marvellous sub-Antarctic Magellanic forest that surrounds it. On the beach or on the island we will try to spot South American elephant seals. It is not possible to guarantee this sighting because the colony is constantly migrating its location.



Fjords of Tierra del Fuego

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