We will disembark to do an easy walk on the shore of a lagoon surrounded by mountains until we reach the glacier. We can see the cold rainforest of Patagonia and the movements that shaped the landscape of this amazing place. Our Patagonia cruise tours travel to the southern edge of Tierra del Fuego, highlighting the stunning beauty of Patagonia.


Águila Glacier

During the morning, we will disembark in Zodiac boats for a gentle walk around a lagoon formed by the melting of the Águila glacier, up to which we will come face to face. In the afternoon we will navigate in Zodiacs boats to approach the Condor glacier. We will learn about the formation of the glaciers and their influence on the abrupt geography of the Fuegian channels.



Patagonian Explorer

Ushuaia // Punta Arenas
4 nights in all inclusive

US$ 1590.00 *

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per person and based on double occupancy.

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