Australis Patgonia itinerarios offer a number of adventurous and informative shore excursions to discover Patagonia's incredible flora, fauna and geology. All are undertaken in trusty Zodiacs, inflatable boats that allow exploration of narrow fjords and shallow bays where larger vessels cannot venture. Zodiacs are also perfect for Patagonia expeditions on secluded islands, rocky beaches and small piers. In addition to learning about the history and nature of the Fuegian Archipelago, shore excursions afford an opportunity to stretch your legs on guided hikes to secluded waterfalls and the bottom of tidewater glaciers, along pristine beaches and rocky shores, and through primeval sub-polar forest. Whether from the Zodiac boats or on foot, excursions are also an excellent way to observe and photographic the marvelous array of animals that live along the waterways of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego -- elephant and leopard seals, Andean condors and Caracara falcons, thousands of penguins and scores of other bird species.

Explorers of the end to the world

We are team of multidisciplinary experts in Patagonia who will give you a glimpse of the customs, experiences and virtues in the southernmost corner of the world. Giving our own perspectives, close to nature and the tranquility that only a trip through the calm of the fjords and icy southern breezes can deliver. All the adventure and experience of Patagonia, written in first person by those who daily get close to the flora and fauna of the Southern Cone

Born in Mallorca, a small island in the Mediterranean. The fact that he has been surrounded by the sea from a young age marks his passion and profession, and leads him to study a degree in Marine Science. After 4 years at the University of Cadiz (Spain) he feels that it is time to change places and decides to do his thesis in Valparaiso, Chile. Once he finishes his studies, he thinks that there is much more from Chile to know about, deciding to delay his flight and spend a few weeks in Patagonia, which inevitably become months after discovering the hidden beauty of this corner of the planet. During that period, besides traveling, he lives in the Magdalena Island Lighthouse studying the Magellanic Penguin for 2 months and it is then when he got the chance to know Australis, becoming an expedition guide.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English.

He was born and grew up in Santiago until becoming an adult, at which point beginning a period of travel that would allow him to work and study in different parts of the world: Art History and science in Connecticut and Philosophy in New York. He travelled to the old continent where he pursued a degree in Philosophy specializing in Anthropology and spending his free time freelancing as a tourism guide in Rome. Before finally returning to his homeland, he served as a professor of ethics and civics in Mexico City. He moved from the piazzas and basilicas of Rome and the classrooms of Mexico City to set down in beautiful Patagonia where he combines his passions: discovery - enjoying the beauty and harmony and pleasure of accompanying groups of tourists to share the richness of the Magallanes and to somehow return the cordiality he received during his stay abroad. Among his interests is the study of the pioneers in the Magallanes just like Gunther Pluschow and Alberto De Agostini. 

LANGUAGES : English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Born in Osorno, Chile. From a very young age she took a liking to camping and nature. She is an English teacher, a job she carried out for many years in Santiago. Her main passion is mountaineering, an activity she practices primarily in the central and northern regions of Chile. She is a member of the German Mountaineering Club, DAV, becoming its trekking director in 2013. Birds are her second passion. She is a member of Unorch (Chilean Union of Ornithologists).
In 2008 she moved to Patagonia Norte and became an ecotourism guide on a ship. Later on, she continued her path and today she is established in Southern Patagonia and has been working as an expedition guide with Australis since 2015. 

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French.

Rodrigo was born on January 1987 in Tela Atlantida Honduras. Son to a Honduran Mother and a Chilean Father, with Greek and polynesian descendent.
He did all his schooling in Atlanta Georgia in the United States of America where he grew up. After Starting college in Kennesaw State University, He left to Chile where he continued his degree at La Serena University to become a English teacher.
Posterior to that he wanted to travel the world to embrace new cultures and learn new traditions he’s been to all seven Continents, over forty countries. He’s been a proud member of Australis since 2015. 

IDIOMAS: Español, inglés y italian

Hi! My name is Cristóbal Villanueva and I studied Adventure Tourism at Inacap. I worked on cruises abroad for four years serving passengers but I had never worked as a guide until I joined Australis. Here, I’ve been able to develop as an expedition guide, getting to know Tierra del Fuego, its fjords, glaciers, and the area’s unique fauna. I never thought I could find a passion in the career I pursued, but we learn more about our destination with each training session and my interest in our activities grows. Seeing the expression of satisfaction on our passengers’ faces after each lecture is incredibly rewarding.
Furthermore, I speak three languages and intend to keep learning more so as to provide an ever improving service to Australis’ passengers. 

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, German.

Cristian was born in the Italian island of Sardinia in 1975. In ’95 he went to Costa Rica for a gap year as a volunteer in several National Parks of that beautiful Central American gem. Later he studied sociology in Rome and became an activist in several European Youth Organization, he has been a trainer in Human Rights, in Conflict Resolution and in Leadership for almost ten years. As a professional international trainer he visited more than sixty contries in four continents, including very remote and diverse places such as Greenland and the Tribal Areas of Laos. After three years working in an Expat in South East Asia (mostly Thailand, Vietnam and Laos) he decided to settle down with a Patagonian girl he met in Sardinia and moved to Punta Arenas where he got involved at first in the fundraising for the Nao Victoria Museum and later assuming as the content manager of the Institution. During the five years spent in the Museum he became an expert in Explorers such as Magellan, Shackleton and the History of exploration of Patagonia in general. His hunger of knowledge brought him to become a part of the Australis Expedition team in the 2014/5 season. He later lived in Turkey from 2016 to October 2017 with his family publishing a international politics blog in italian, before receiving the call of the wilderness and getting back to the southernmost tip of the world to work again in the Australis family. 

Languages: Italian, english, french and Spanish.

Lorena was born in the heart of Patagonia in 1991, between ice and wind. Her curiosity leaded her to learn English by herself at 5 years old. When her parents bought a house next to the countryside she discovered her love for nature and the outdoors at 6 years old, declaring herself as lover of this southernmost land. At 12 years old were there first attempts in guiding in Torres del Paine. Later she moved to Santiago de Chile, where she attended Diego Portales University, there she became guide and nexus of the Exchange students in her career, Political Science and International Relations. This multicultural scenario woke up her necessity to travel abroad, Europe for the first time in 2014, and later to certify in Public Policy in University of Cambridge in 2017. She joins Australis in 2012 becoming an Expedition guide. Her main interests are vegetation and birdwatching.

Rodrigo was born in Punta Arenas, Chile in 1976. After working for 5 years in the Torres del Paine National Park, he decided to venture into the guiding, and since then he has been a local guide in Torres del Paine, Pali Aike and King Penguin Parks in the Region of Magellan’s.
He studied Tourism, Mention in Adventure Tourism in the Inacap Institute and later he took a Diploma in Tourism, Travel, and Eco-Adventure in Canada. 

Languages: Spanish and English.

“Born in Punta Arenas in 1988 and reared there, Patricio’s love of sports and nature followed him throughout his childhood. He grew up with a natural explorer’s spirit. After studying English at the University of Magallanes, he discovered the world of tourism which would lead him to the unique corners of Patagonia. This further fueled his interest in learning and exploring. Avid for the knowledge that enables him to transmit in the best way to curious minds like his, Patricio looks forward to sharing this unforgettable experience as he plays, feels, breathes and listens to the spirit of Patagonia.” 

Languages: Spanish and English.

Jade was born in Belgium, where on a young age she noticed a passion for linguistic knowledge and the interest on leaving her small country to discover the world. That´s how, when she turned 18, she took her backpack to spend 11 months soaked in the Argentine culture. Back then she discovered Ushuaia, falling completely in love with this city, where later on she worked for a Hostal and for different travel agencies. Finally, she got the opportunity to start working as a crew member of Australis, where she confirmed that she wasn't meant to be working in an office. She found her 'home', being part of this amazing team, navigating the End of the World. 

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German

Born in Punta Arenas in late 1985. In 2004 Sebastián moved to Santiago to study Advertising, but after a few months he decided to switch to Journalism, major which he completed, graduating in 2010. After working for some time, Sebastián realized that press and media were not his vocation and decided to take a sabbatical year in which he traveled to Australia, working in areas as diverse as gastronomy and construction.
Due to his keenness on new experiences, he joined Australis’ team of expedition guides in mid 2013. Among his interests are music, to which he has been connected from a young age, architecture, political geography, and international cuisine.

LANGUAGEs: Spanish, English.

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